Richard Gerathy - Director

Richard has almost 30 years experience in Marketing and Communications in Tasmania and interstate, working for government and for leading private sector companies.


Richard has been the Tasmanian manager for Caltex Australia, marketing manager at Cascade Brewery, marketing manager at the Department of Environment and Land Management, as well as a Press Secretary for the Tasmanian Premier's Office.

Having worked in the public and private sector Richard has a developed an extensive network of contacts within government and business circles within Tasmania.

He has an acute understanding of trends in technology and their application in business and has vast experience in strategic planning and management, with both large and small private enterprise firms and government, including the mining projects in NW Tasmania, The Meander Dam, Searson Buck, Eastlands Shopping Centre and Greening Australia. He has been heavily involved in disaster and crisis response teams including the Port Arthur tragedy and the Iron Baron grounding and resulting major oil spill.

Recent work

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